Ken Wood

Ken Wood, President and Founder

Mr. Wood founded LJM Group in 1998 to address gaping issues he identified regarding the way businesses were being charged for parcel shipping. Active in the parcel shipping business since 1984, he learned all aspects of Small Parcel Invoice Auditing, Carrier Contract Negotiations and Freight Solutions from the shipper’s perspective. This client-focused approach is a unique source of strength in an industry where most parcel auditing and contract negotiating firms have a “Carrier-focused” background and mentality. There is a significant difference in how LJM approaches the business.

Mr. Wood’s shipping consulting expertise extends way beyond invoice auditing and negotiating carrier contracts; he is also astute at helping shippers implement processes which encourage intelligence and efficiency. A graduate of Adelphi University, Mr. Wood held several significant industry positions before founding LJM Group. He launched his career as New York Regional Director for Friden Alcatel, specializing in third-party shipping software and systems. He later worked at Pitney Bowes, overseeing the company’s shipping system software business within New York. He is widely experienced in proprietary shipping software, including solutions from Proship, A.D.S.I., Kewill, Varsity Logistics, Agile Network, Pitney Bowes, Neopost, Logicor, Malvern, BestWay, Harvey Software, and Fascor; as well as UPS WorldShip, ConnectShip and FedEx Ship Manager.

LJM was created by Mr. Wood to help companies better measure and manage their shipping spend. Shipping is typically the second or third largest company expense for most of their clients, and the overwhelming majority of those clients cannot validate their shipping costs. Together with his partner, they have developed LJM’s proprietary invoice auditing software, which is the most technologically advanced solution in the industry. Mr. Wood currently oversees LJM Group’s sales and marketing departments and is responsible for client and business partner relationships. He is often asked to contribute articles and share his insight regarding happenings within the parcel shipping industry.

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