Automated G/L Coding with BillPay

by LJM Group

Have you ever tried to fit a square peg in a round hole? That is what it is like to have your Carrier’s small parcel invoice entered into your general ledger without the use of Automated General Ledger Coding. LJM Group’s Automated G/L Coding services will save you immeasurable personnel time while also streamlining your financial reporting.

We have already saved you money, now let us save you from internal errors and deliver an efficient and accurate G/L interface.

This seamless interface for your financial and accounting systems will not only automate the G/L Coding of your parcel carrier invoices, but will also support subsequent, optional follow through with automated BillPay services, finally  aligning your invoices against your payables.

Relinquishing to Automated GL-Coding and/or BillPay Services is the next best thing you should do; here’s why.

  1. STOP PAYING LATE FEES – Over the past year, LJM customers have incurred millions of dollars in late charges. Let’s understand these are unnecessary fees being paid to the Carriers for the privilege of paying them in the first place! STOP WASTING YOUR MONEY! Our automated services will ensure late fees become passé. Scheduled parcel payments allow you to control on-time payments. And control is everything.
  2. PAYMENT CONSOLIDATION – Like many companies, you may have multiple accounts and/or multiple shipping locations within your organization. These circumstances may result in receiving multiple invoices from either or both Carriers. Our experience has revealed that clients with these circumstances may be receiving an insurmountable number of invoices per month. This is manually unmanageable and difficult to handle correctly as the chance of human error is too great due to the cumbersome volume of information. Automated BillPay removes the incidence of error.
  3. AUDIT CREDITS – Carrier invoice credits will be handled accurately. And credits due to you merely validate your weekly parcel invoice audit.
  4. SIMPLICITY delivers SAVINGS Automated GL Coding and BillPay Services is purely a convenient by-product of our Parcel Invoice Auditing Services. The process is FREE, the savings are REAL, and the results simply increase your overall efficiency.
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