As a Carrier Market prevails – take control of your Parcel Contracts, before the Carriers take control of you.

Amidst the pandemic, shippers struggle to effectively meet unprecedented online demand while battling rising shipping costs.
LJM Group comes to the rescue.

Beat the Carriers during this shift of power
with our Contract Negotiation Experts

The Future of
Shipping is Here

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Priority Virtual Assistance Features

Our proven Shipping Consulting Service with Priority Virtual Assistance will release you from the controls of the Carriers. With scalable, customizable solutions, you will be in a leveraged position to move forward offensively.

  • Virtual tactical workshops
  • Premium online logistics advisory consulting
  • Customized online educational programs
  • Precision tools with real-time tracking
  • Webinars discussing most relevant industry trends
  • Real-time analytics to gain optimal insight into shipping costs
  • Monthly news notifications

Contact the Parcel Contract Negotiating Experts 631-844-9500

“With a long history of providing Fortune 100 companies with innovative tactics and tools to negotiate shipping contract rates, LJM is ideally poised to help businesses strategically navigate the new landscape to circumvent the obstacles put forth by Carriers.”

– Ken Wood, President and Founder, LJM Group.