3 Ways a Pivot with LJM Group Provides a Smart Restart

by LJM Group

The Pause – That may be how you can describe your fiscal year so far, am I right? For many, this years’ business operations were put on pause with more questions raised than those answered. For others, they had to turn on a dime with new procedures devised on Friday for implementation on Monday.

One possible outcome from the pause can be to have landed between the two and use the pause to strengthen your company. LJM Group can provide support as the fulcrum in any operations pivot with streamlined shipping logistics designed to create new profit centers for a smart restart.

To prepare, companies should review their overall strategies based on three dimensions:

1. Adapt to new priorities

This is a time to reevaluate how business is done. Many branches of business, from operations and marketing to personnel and properties, may need readjustment. While profitability toggles between the branches, and solution-based thinking goes into overdrive, companies are looking for rock solid answers to reduce shipping expenses and close the valve of draining resources.

2. The right advisors

With reopening timelines varying across state borders and new operational procedures in place, information updates are flooding in and confusing your inboxes. Business leaders are looking to take control. One way to do so is by reviewing your shipping data for current analysis. Visiting Carrier contract renegotiations may save substantial money and put business back on track to profit.

3. Protect cash flow

Even before the pause, it is possible that shipping logistics were not fully optimized, and money was being wasted unnecessarily. Service audits require diligent analysis and judicious research. Now is an ideal time to make this effort to increase and protect cash flow, while bringing shipping logistics up to par.

As a leader in the parcel shipping consulting industry, we will help reduce your shipping expenses with our  expertise and integrated tools at the ready. LJM Group is dedicated to providing partners pivotal support for a smart restart.

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