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3 Steps to Strengthen Your Carrier Relationships

by LJM Group

As supply chain issues continue with no end in sight, it’s imperative for businesses to foster positive relations with Carriers to help them successfully handle the distinct challenges that have emerged. These range from the basic need to move inventory from overstocked warehouses, to complex negotiations that motivate Carriers to share the cost and responsibility of decarbonizing maritime supply chains.

Your company can benefit greatly by developing win-win partnerships with Carriers that incentivize them to actively support mutual goals, whether it’s moving stagnant inventory, lowering costs, or improving efficiency and customer retention.

Here are 3 steps businesses can take to develop and strengthen Carrier relationships in ways that benefit your Company, your Carriers, and, ultimately, your Customers.

The strongest Carrier partnerships are characterized by transparency and the ability to communicate with a high level of accuracy and professionalism.

  • Share Accurate Data – Exchanging the most complete and accurate information possible will prevent costly errors and inefficiencies that add tension to Carrier relationships. A minor mistake in weight, error in delivery address, or missing document can result in major delays and frustration. An automated parcel and transportation management program provides a platform for Company and Carrier to communicate the most accurate and comprehensive data possible.

  • Establish Transparency – Technology is key to improving Carrier relations and results because it ensures a system that keeps everyone on the same page. Real-time tracking tools are one of the most effective ways for businesses and Carriers to stay in synch by providing automated updates on location, transit status, unmet deliverables, and other critical data.

  • Communicate Expectations & Appreciation – Don’t underestimate the power of positive interactions in strengthening Carrier relationships. Train your team at all levels to communicate professionally with Carrier reps, drivers, and support staff and cultivate a partnership attitude where everyone understands expectations on both sides and works together to meet mutual goals.

Partnerships flourish when both sides collaborate to effectively plan, time, and streamline deliveries. Once again, technology is critical to gaining an edge in these areas.

  • Collaborate on Logistics – Work closely with Carriers to plan and manage transportation logistics. The complexities of the shipping process are Timing and Streamlining and Implementing Technology.
  • Negotiate Win-Win Contracts – An expertly negotiated contract is essential to establishing a win-win partnership. It enables you to collaborate with Carriers based on your key parameters, like location, inventory, frequency, and volume.

Just as you expect Carriers to deliver on time and bill correctly, it’s important for your company to follow through on commitments. Solutions are available to help both parties honor commitments and forge long-term relationships.

  • Resolve Claims Quickly – Maintain a system to file and process claims quickly for the benefit of all. Just as important, address any issues that precipitated the claim in a positive, constructive manner to help prevent it from recurring.

  • Pay on Time – Timely payments establish trust and position your business as a reliable partner. TIP: A history of prompt payment is an excellent asset to leverage when it comes time to negotiate a new contract, rates, or terms.

  • Mutual Reliability and Accountability – Auditing and invoicing tools reveal Carrier errors in a way that is professional and impersonal, helping your company maintain accountability with less tension.

It’s important to note the critical role of technology in strengthening Carrier relationships. Technology enables Company and Carrier to focus on facts and collaborative solutions. Logistics tools, auditing and invoicing software, and automated claims processing are just a few of the advanced technology resources that businesses can use to improve Carrier relations and results. For businesses that want a distinct advantage, it pays to build Carrier partnerships based on mutual goals, transparent communications, and data-driven solutions.


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