3 Proven Strategies to Save on UPS/FedEx Shipping in 2018

by LJM Group

UPS/FedEx costs are going up significantly in 2018. This is a fact. Are you prepared? As you calculate next year’s budget, where will you uncover innovative ways to lower your annual parcel shipping spend?

Here are three easy strategies to help assist you with methods to increase savings on your shipping costs over the long term.

1. Planning

2. Partnership

3. Proprietary Software

Yes, it can be that easy—with LJM Group on your side.

LJM is a team of shipping professionals with hands-on experience working for and with the top parcel carriers. We know the ins and outs of the business – and how to unlock those vital savings.

Contact us to learn how to be prepared for the carrier rate increases in 2018. With a free, no-obligation consultation, we’ll show you how LJM can uncover profitable ways to optimize your parcel contracts and reveal hidden cost-saving opportunities.

We’ve engineered a world-class analytics portal that dives deep into your shipping data to discover the patterns behind your spend. We’ll analyze your contracts and show you how to recover lost and wasted shipping dollars. Savings of 15% – 30% are typical, and a partnership with LJM is risk-free; our only fee is a percentage of the savings we help you achieve.

Talk to an LJM professional today to find out how much you can save in 2018. Call 631-844-9500 or email us at for a no-obligation analysis of your UPS and FedEx agreements.

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